10 Ways to Get Around Ubud: Navigating Traffic Jams

Discover hassle-free ubud transportation! Beat traffic with options like walking, bikes, scooters, private cars, and ride-hailing services for a smooth journey.

7/9/20242 min read

Taxi and transport in Ubud
Taxi and transport in Ubud


Ubud, the cultural heart of Bali, is a must-visit destination that offers a unique blend of natural beauty and traditional Balinese culture. However, navigating the traffic and exploring the area can be challenging for first-time visitors. This guide provides ten effective ways to get around Ubud, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable experience.

1. Rent a Scooter

Renting a scooter is one of the most popular and convenient ways to explore Ubud. It allows you to navigate narrow roads and avoid traffic jams easily. Scooters are available for rent at various locations, and prices are relatively affordable. Ensure you have an international driving permit and always wear a helmet for safety.

2. Hire a Private Driver

If you're not comfortable riding a scooter, hiring a private driver is an excellent alternative. A private driver can take you to all the major attractions and hidden gems in and around Ubud. This option provides the added benefit of a local's insights and recommendations.

3. Take a Bicycle

For those who enjoy a more eco-friendly and active mode of transportation, renting a bicycle is a great choice. Cycling through Ubud allows you to explore the scenic countryside and rice paddies at your own pace. Several rental shops offer bicycles, and guided cycling tours are also available.

4. Use Ride-Hailing Apps

Ride-hailing apps such as Gojek and Grab are widely used in Ubud. These apps offer motorbike and car services, providing a convenient way to get around without the hassle of negotiating fares. Simply download the app, and you can book a ride with just a few taps.

5. Walk

Ubud's central area is relatively small and pedestrian-friendly. Walking is an excellent way to immerse yourself in the local atmosphere, discover charming shops, and visit nearby attractions. Be mindful of the traffic and narrow sidewalks, especially during peak hours.

6. Join a Tour

Joining a guided tour is a hassle-free way to explore Ubud and its surroundings. Various tours cater to different interests, including cultural tours, nature hikes, and culinary experiences. Tours often include transportation, making it easier to visit multiple sites in one day.

7. Rent a Car

If you prefer the comfort and flexibility of driving, renting a car is an option. Several car rental agencies operate in Ubud, offering a range of vehicles. Keep in mind that traffic can be heavy, and parking spaces are limited in certain areas.

8. Use a Shuttle Service

Some hotels and resorts in Ubud offer complimentary shuttle services to popular tourist spots. Check with your accommodation to see if this service is available. Shuttle services provide a convenient and stress-free way to explore the area without worrying about transportation.

9. Take Public Buses

Public buses, known as bemos, are an economical option for getting around Ubud. Although they may not be as comfortable or frequent as other modes of transport, they offer an authentic local experience. Be prepared for a more relaxed schedule and plan accordingly.

10. Use a Taxi

Taxis are readily available in Ubud, and they can be hailed on the street or booked through your hotel. Ensure the driver uses the meter or agree on a fare beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings. Taxis are a convenient option for short trips within the town.


Getting around Ubud doesn't have to be a daunting task. By choosing the right mode of transportation for your needs, you can navigate traffic jams and explore this beautiful area with ease. Whether you prefer the independence of a scooter, the comfort of a private driver, or the eco-friendliness of a bicycle, there are plenty of options to ensure a memorable visit to Ubud.